St. Martha Collection Patio Furniture Sets

St. Martha Patio Furniture set.

The St. Martha Collection is another fantastic outdoor furniture collection from Westend Cushions and Umbrella. Custom made at our headquarters in Hemet, California, the St. Martha Collection is a showcase for our unique dedication to excellence, giving our customers durable and dependable patio furniture that is perfect for any occasion. If you’re interested in ordering the St. Martha Collection from Westend Cushions and Umbrellas in Hemet, California or have any questions about the collection, give us a call at (951) 925-6015.

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What Makes the St. Martha Collection Unique?

The St. Martha Collection is a unique and beautiful furniture set, bringing a touch of elegance and class to any outdoor area. The St. Martha Collection of outdoor furniture features a pleasant wicker weave at the base and a reinforced frame for durability and comfortability. The patio furniture collection combines grit with grandeur, creating a glamorous outdoor seating area. Each piece of furniture is topped with a Westend Cushions and Umbrellas custom patio cushion, giving it a vibrant and unique set of colors.

What Does the St. Martha Collection Patio Set Consist Of?

The St. Martha Collection features an abundance of different patio furniture in the complete set. While we sell the collection together as a complete set, you can also purchase each individual piece of furniture separately, or purchase one of the smaller sets of the St. Martha Collection. Below, you can find all of the patio furniture that compromises the St. Martha Collection. Take a look through all of the amazing outdoor patio furniture that make the St. Martha Collection one of the finest outdoor furniture collections we offer.

St. Martha Round Sofa Set


St. Martha Deep Seating Collection


St. Martha Sectional Collection

Purchase a St. Martha Collection Outdoor Patio Set Today

The St. Martha Collection is a beautiful set of outdoor furniture that provides incredible comfort and a beautiful design. If you’re interested in purchasing the St. Martha Collection or have any questions, either stop by our Hemet, California location or contact us today. Give us a call at (951) 925-6015.