St. Lucia Collection Patio Furniture Sets

St. Lucia Patio Furniture in Hemet.

Jump on the first jet to the Caribbean with the St. Lucia Collection of outdoor furniture from Westend Cushions and Umbrellas. Created at our headquarters in Hemet, California, this beautiful collection will instantly give any outdoor area a fun and festive vibe, making for the ideal environment to either entertain or relax. Our outdoor furniture is of the highest quality, giving you a long-lasting and beautiful patio furniture set. If you’re interested in ordering the St. Lucia Collection from Westend Cushions and Umbrellas or have any questions, give us a call at (951) 925-6015.

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What Makes the St. Lucia Collection Unique?

The St. Lucia Collection features an alluring beige color scheme, providing a lighter alternative to our same amazing furniture set. The St. Lucia collection also includes top quality Sunbrella fabrics and our custom long-lasting cushions. Westend Cushions and Umbrellas custom cushions feature an array of vibrant and colorful designs to choose from, allowing you to give your St. Lucia furniture a touch of your own personality and taste.

What Does the St. Lucia Collection Patio Set Consist Of?

The St. Lucia Collection is one of our most comprehensive collections, offering customers a selection of pretty much any kind of patio furniture they could hope for. At Westend Cushions and Umbrellas, you can either purchase the entire collection or just the individual pieces that catch your eye, allowing you to only get the furniture you so desire. Below are the pieces that make up the St. Lucia Collection at Westend Cushions and Umbrellas.


St. Lucia Daybed


St. Lucia Round Sofa Set

St. Lucia Deep Seating Set

St. Lucia Sectional Set

St. Lucia sectional sitting set is a beige alternate to St. Martha. Both sets include top quality Sunbrella fabrics and long lasting cushions. lease Refer to St. Martha Sectional for measurements.

Purchase the St. Lucia Patio Furniture Set in Hemet, California

Give your backyard or other outdoor area the makeover it deserves with the St. Lucia patio furniture set from Westend Cushions and Umbrellas. At our location in Hemet, California, we have created the best outdoor furniture on the market, giving patio furniture class, dependability, and beauty. If you’re interested in learning more about the St. Lucia outdoor furniture collection or have any other questions, contact Westend Cushions and Umbrellas today. Give us a call at (951) 925-6015.