Replacement Slings for Patio Chairs at Westend Cushions & Umbrellas

Sling chairs and patio furniture are an excellent option for any outdoor area. Among one of the most popular types of patio furniture, sling chairs are durable, easy to clean, retains colors for a long period of time, and are weather resistant. Plus, they are incredibly comfortable! However, over time if your sling chairs start to look beaten down and faded, you will have to replace the sling. At Westend Cushions & Umbrellas in Southern California, we make replacement slings for nearly all outdoor furniture manufacturers. No matter where you got your sling patio furniture, we can custom make you a sling that perfectly fits your existing chairs. To learn more about getting a replacement sling, contact us today by calling (951) 925-6015.

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How We Make Our Outdoor Slings for Patio Chairs

At Westend Cushions & Umbrellas, we put time and care into each and every sling we make. Since each sling will have unique dimensions and use different fabrics, each sling is custom made to fit each piece of your furniture individually.

  • Take Precise Measurements

The first thing we do when we receive your furniture is measure each and every piece of your patio set. While at first glance each piece of your outdoor furniture set may appear to have identical dimensions, and most of the time that is the case, there are some important exceptions that have to be accounted for.

  • Make Sure the Sling is Just Tight Enough

Sunbrella Replacement Slings - Source

How tightly each area of the sling is sewn is of the utmost importance. Depending on how the sling rails are bolted to the frame, where the stretcher bars are located, and whether bracing is present, slings will fit better if certain areas are sewn in more tightly. This is especially common in the bend between the seat and the back, as well as in the mid to upper back area.

Along with ensuring a perfect fit, some types of fabrics will pucker or quickly sag if they are not stretched tightly enough. That is why we carefully go through each and every stage of the process in our shop in Hemet, California, ensuring a firm, trim fit.

We Use High-Quality Sling Fabric Textures

We primarily use two different textures of sling fabric, either going with a sling chair mesh or a wicker weave. Below, we will identify the differences between the two main types of sling fabric textures we use at Westend Cushions & Umbrellas.

  • Sling Chair Mesh

A PVC-coated mesh is incredibly strong and sturdy, making it the best material for outdoor furniture. It can comfortably and safely hold a person’s body weight while remaining weather resistant. This durable mesh is your go-to for reupholstering sling chairs.

  • Wicker Weave

Wicker weave fabric is a type of vinyl coated polyester mesh, featuring a dobby weave designed to mimic natural furniture materials like wicker, cane, straw, wood and more. Enjoy a charming, natural look with all of the benefits of expertly engineered manmade materials!


Premium Replacement Slings for Patio Chairs

The team at Westend Cushions & Umbrellas only use the very best sling brands in our replacement slings, giving our customers the quality they deserve. The two brands we tend to use the most are Phifertex and Sunbrella, which are two of the leaders in the industry.

  • Phifertex Fabrics

Made in the USA, the Phifertex family of Vinyl-coated polyester mesh slingable fabrics offer spectacular performance and unparalleled style. With so many unique weaves and elegant options to choose from, the design possibilities are both endless and exciting. Phifertex fabrics are super durable, UV / fade resistant, water resistant, and stain resistant. They are also infused with Microban to keep mold and mildew at bay. Low maintenance and easy to clean, Phifertex offers you a worry-free outdoor fabric that will stay vibrant even in tough conditions.

  • Sunbrella Sling Fabrics

Sunbrella Sling allows you to achieve an elevated indoor aesthetic in an outdoor setting. Unlike a traditional PVC sling that is stiff and uncomfortable, Sunbrella Sling blends the strength of PVC with the softness of Sunbrella acrylic yarn for added comfort. Blending natural color palettes with novelty threads for added texture and luxury, Sunbrella Sling is ideal for crafting fully-upholstered furniture pieces for outdoor patios and other traditional sling applications.


Replacement Slings for Sale at Westend Cushions & Umbrellas in Hemet, CA

If you need replacement slings for your patio furniture, Westend Cushions & Umbrellas in Southern California has got you covered! We specialize in custom made sling replacements, getting your outdoor furniture looking like new. We use only the highest quality materials and put in the time and effort needed to get our customers the best possible product. If you are interested in a sling replacement or would like to purchase a whole new patio furniture set, contact us today by calling (951) 925-6015.