3 Ways to Protect Your Patio Furniture During Winter

Protect Your Patio Furniture During California Winter

Winter can be a harsh time. The weather takes a nosedive, and suddenly the patio furniture that acted as your second home during the summer quickly becomes a much more neglected portion of your property. However, just because you aren’t using your patio furniture as often doesn’t mean it is immune from damage. The increase in precipitation and decrease in temperature can lead to a number of issues for your patio furniture unless you take the necessary precautions to protect your outdoor furniture and patio cushions. Westend Cushions and Umbrellas in Hemet, California specializes in protecting patio furniture from wear and tear, and we offer three ways to protect your patio furniture during winter. To learn more, contact Westend Cushions and Umbrellas by calling (951) 925-6015.

1. Order Custom Patio Furniture Covers

One of the best ways to make sure your patio furniture is safe from the elements is to order custom covers for your furniture. These covers can keep your patio furniture safe from damage during even the most trying weather, giving you peace of mind that your beloved outdoor furniture is secure. Westend Cushions and Umbrellas can create custom covers for your patio furniture that will fit perfectly, so contact us today to get started.

2. Put Your Patio Furniture in Storage

If you live somewhere that gets very cold and there is the possibility of snow, it might be best to move your patio furniture to the safety of storage. If you have a garage, storage shed, attic, or basement, move your patio furniture into the safety of a shelter to protect it from rust and other damage. If you do not have extra space for storage, you might want to consider renting a storage space to temporarily house your patio furniture. As soon as you see the first signs of spring, free your patio furniture from storage and enjoy the return of beautiful weather.

3. Get Weather-Resistant Outdoor Fabrics

One of the most effective ways to protect your patio furniture from damage is weather resistant outdoor fabrics, especially if the winters are relatively mild. You can get custom patio furniture cushion covers that are weather and water resistant, wicking off any rain or other moisture and protecting the cushion and furniture. For most of California, a weather-resistant cushion cover should be all you need to keep your patio furniture safe during the winter months. Westend Cushions and Umbrellas specializes in creating custom patio furniture cushions, using weather resistant fabrics to keep your furniture looking like new.

Winter Patio Furniture Protection at Westend Cushions and Umbrellas

At Westend Cushions and Umbrellas in Hemet, our number one priority is providing our customer with incredible patio furniture that is durable and resilient. That is why we offer weather-resistant outdoor fabrics on our patio furniture and custom patio cushions, providing individuals in California with furniture that can hold up throughout the winter. If you live in an area that gets some serious weather during the winter, we also offer custom patio furniture covers to protect your furniture from damage caused by snow and rain. If you’re interested in learning more about how to protect your patio furniture during the winter, contact Westend Cushions and Umbrellas today by calling (951) 925-6015.